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Three Great Novels: The Perfect Husband/ The Other Daughter / The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner: Three Great Novels: The Perfect Husband, The Other Daughter, The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner

THE PERFECT HUSBAND Jim Beckett was everything Tess had ever dreamed of …But two years after Tess married Jim and bore his child, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Now he’s escaped, and with the help of a burned-out ex-Marine,Tess learns how to protect herself and her daughter as a gigantic manhunt counts down to this terrifying reunion between husband and wife…THE OTHER DAUGHTER In Texas, a man goes to the electric chair for the torture and murder of six children. In Boston an unconscious nine-year-old girl has been admitted to ER. When she comes round, she remembers nothing about herself or her past. She’s adopted and raised as Melanie by Dr Stokes and his wife whose own daughter Meagan was tragically murdered. Twenty years later, someone is targeting the family, sending grotesque messages. And in a horrible twist, a journalist approaches Melanie and tells her that her birth father was the executed murderer…THE THIRD VICTIM A horrific shooting has ripped apart the sleepy town of Bakersville, but although a boy has confessed to the crime, evidence shows he may not be guilty. Officer Rainie Conner is caught up in the controversy. It’s hitting too close to home, bringing back memories of her own past. But she has to find the real killer. With the help of FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, Rainie comes closer to a deadly truth than she can imagine.
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