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The Sociology of Health and Illness by Sarah Nettleton

Thoroughly revised and fully
updated, the second edition of Sarah Nettleton’s book will prove invaluable
to anyone looking for a clear and accessible introduction to key contemporary
debates within the sociology of health and illness. The book builds on the
first edition’s success, integrating the core tenets of traditional medical
sociology with some fresh insights from the current literature. New material
is found throughout , including discussions of the new genetics, food and
eating, e-health, the MMR debate, embryo stem cell research, recent
approaches to health inequalities, and the health implications of the
information age. Carefully annotated suggested further readings have been
added to each chapter, to help extend students’ learning and thinking. The
book aims to provide students with a thorough grounding in the area of the
sociology of health and illness. As such it covers a diversity of topics and
draws on a wide range of analytic approaches. The text spans issues such as
the social construction of medical knowledge, the analysis of lay health
knowledge and beliefs, concepts of lifestyles and risk, the experience of
illness and the sociology of the body. It also explores matters which are
central to health policy, such as professional-patient relationships, health
inequalities and the changing nature of health care work. A central theme
which runs throughout the book is that we are moving towards a new paradigm
of health and health care, one in which people are no longer passive recipients
of treatment when they are ill, but are active participants in the
maintenance of their own health. This is reflected in contemporary health
policy which emphasizes health promotion, community health care and
consumerism. The book is written primarily for students of thte social
sciences who opt to study the field of health and illness in greater depth,
but will also appeal to students taking vocational degrees requiring a
sociological grounding in the area.

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