The Rock Says –  Joe Laden ‘The Rock’

The Rock Says… by The Rock

The autobiography of the youngest and coolest World Wrestling Federation champion in history and the most electrifying man in sports- entertainment.

In this action-packed, revealing and outrageously funny memoir, the WWF superstar The Rock recounts his life in and out of the ring with honesty and inimitable style. From his boyhood days travelling around the world with his father (professional wrestler Rocky Johnson) to his years as a football player at the University of Miami to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Federation, The Rock Says…chronicles the life story of one of sports-entertainment’s most innovative and best-loved personalities.

After an injury-plagued football career at Miami and a subsequent unsuccessful foray into Canada where he lived in squalor, he decided pro football was not for him.He set his sights on following the path of his father and grandfather and become the world’s first third-generation professional wrestler.

Performing first as Dwayne Johnson, then Flex Kavana and later Rocky Maivia, he quickly became one of the WWF’s hopefuls. But it was only when he adopted the brash persona of The Rock – a spitting, snorting, swearing son-of-a-bitch with the soul of a smart-ass comic and the body of an Adonis – that he found his true calling.

Filled with genuinely touching stories of love and strife, hilarious anecdotes, revealing inside accounts of the workings of the WWF industry, and dozens of previously unpublished photographs, The Rock Says… is sure to blow the minds of all WWF fans.

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