The Resurrection Maker by Glenn Cooper

#1 International Bestseller

New from bestselling author, Glenn Cooper, comes the most controversial novel ever written about the Holy Grail. A heart pounding thriller, filled with danger and excitement! A must read…

Arthur Malory, a seemingly ordinary Englishman, has a burning interest in the Grail, a passion inherited from his father. Thrust into a life-or-death quest to find the precious artifact, he will discover not only his own amazing heritage but also the power that the Grail possesses, a power that informs the resurrection of Christ and explosively merges spiritual and scientific thought.

About the Author:
Glenn Cooper has a background in archaeology from Harvard and practiced medicine as an infectious diseases specialist. He was the CEO of a biotechnology company for almost twenty years, has written numerous screenplays and has produced three independent feature films. His novels have sold over six million copies in thirty-one languages. He lives in New Hampshire.


“A fascinating and ambitious book, in which Cooper reinvents the myth of the Holy Grail. Combining faith, science and a good set of chills.”
Alessandro Mezzena Lona, Il Piccolo

“Glenn Cooper proves once again to have beaten Dan Brown in the field of esoteric thrillers.”
Luca Crovi, Il Giornale

“As Cooper builds the layers of intrigue it becomes clear that he is no ordinary thriller writer, but one who asks big questions.”
Sunday Telegraph (UK)

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