The Hollow Core by Lesley Horton

The Hollow Core by Lesley Horton

Behind closed doors, every family has its secrets…

The gritty new novel from the hugely talented author of DEVILS IN THE MIRROR

When Diane Ingleby is shot, DI John Handford and DS Kahlid Ali are called in to investigate. It soon emerges that Diane’s husband, Maurice, is involved with the BNP, and it seems his wife might have been caught in the middle. It’s a sensitive case, and Handford and Ali are joined by trainee DC Parvez Miah – son of an influential local Muslim community leader. But when Miah’s wife is found badly beaten, it seems that the Inglebys may not be the only family with skeletons in the cupboard. Tension mounts as accusations fly from all sides with the approach of the local elections – but everyone is silent where it matters most. Is it shame, honour, or old-fashioned fear that’s keeping everyone quiet? Handford and Ali must find out before another woman is silenced – permanently.

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