The Cull by Mark Frankland

‘Everyone who has lost a child
to heroin will want to be Jack Sinclair. Tragic, thrilling, captivating.’
Simon Houston, Daily Record

“Mark lifts the lid on Drug Town” Sunday Post

Will Sinclair is dead. It seems as if he will be just another statistic.
Another young man dead before he reaches twenty. Another Scottish junkie
unlucky enough to shoot-up a bad bag of heroin. A few column-inches in the
local paper. Ten seconds on the radio news. And then he will be added to the
long, long list. Just another dead junkie.

But this time it is different. It is different because Jack Sinclair will
not accept his son’s loss with resigned grief. He refuses to forgive and
forget. He was once Major Jack Sinclair of the Scots Guards. In three tours
of Northern Ireland he learned all about fighting an unseen enemy. Then there
were rules. Regulations. Restrictions. Red tape. His war against the drugs
gangs who killed his son will be very different. This time the gloves are off.
This time he has a free rein.

As Jack Sinclair lights his small fire, the story sweeps from the empty
wilderness of the Galloway Forest to the war-torn streets of West Belfast,
from the mean council estates of West Scotland to the Cabinet Room of 10
Downing Street.

And the fire becomes an inferno.

“Like ‘Trainspotting’ before it, ‘The Cull’ takes the reader into the
darkest corners of the Scottish drug world. Compelling. Harrowing. Always
gripping. Nothing will stop you turning the pages.’

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