The Black Friar (The Seeker) by S.G. MacLean

Rebellion in the city, and a
Royalist spy in his own ranks – Damian Seeker, Captain of Oliver Cromwell’s
guard, must eradicate both in this twisty, action-packed historical thriller
for fans of CJ Sansom, Rory Clements and The Three Musketeers. ‘MacLean
skilfully weaves together the disparate threads of her plot to create a
gripping tale of crime and sedition in an unsettled city’ Sunday Times
London, 1655, and Cromwell’s regime is under threat from all sides. Damian
Seeker, Captain of Cromwell’s Guard, is all too aware of the danger facing
Cromwell. Parliament resents his control of the Army while the Army resents
his absolute power. In the east end of London, a group of religious fanatics
plots rebellion. In the midst of all this, a stonemason uncovers a perfectly
preserved body dressed in the robes of a Dominican friar, bricked up in a
wall in the crumbling Black Friars. Ill-informed rumours and speculation
abound, but Seeker instantly recognises the dead man. What he must discover
is why he met such a hideous end, and what his connection was to the children
who have started to disappear from around the city. Unravelling these
mysteries is challenging enough, and made still harder by the activities of
dissenters at home, Royalist plotters abroad and individuals who are not what
they seem…

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