Perspectives in Sociology by E.C. Cuff, W.W. Sharrock & D.W. Francis

From its first edition in
1979, Perspectives in Sociology has provided generations of undergraduates
with a clear, reassuring introduction to the complications of sociological
theory. This revised and updated edition features: * a concise introduction
to the major debates of the twentieth century, placing them in historical and
philosophical context * information on thinkers of the nineteenth and early
twentieth century whose relevance to modern social thought is only now being
recognized, e.g. Nietszche, Saussure, Simmel * connections drawn between
post-structuralist thinkers like Foucault and Derrida and the founding
figures of sociology: Marx, Weber and Durkheim * a completely rewritten
chapter on the ‘Synthesisers’ – Bourdieu, Habermas and Giddens – and their
attempts to generate a consensus from the apparently conflicting theories of
their predecessors * a new chapter reviewing the rise of British sociology,
with particular reference to the political context and the changing role of
‘class’ in sociological thinking * a new chapter describing the attempts of
sociological theorists to explain current concerns, problems, and issues in
the areas of gender, (homo)sexuality, and ethnicity in the context of the
postcolonial world. While retaining its emphasis and wealth of information on
the founding figures of sociology, this fifth edition now features a new
easy-to-read format, (with particular attention paid to the linking and
cross-referencing of chapters), and includes much new material on contemporary
social theory with particular reference to its attempts to tackle current
problems and issues in the areas of gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in the
postcolonial context.

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