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Moby-Dick: or, The Whale by Herman Melville

This Edition Of Moby-dick, Released In
Honor Of The Book’s Sesquicentennial, Is The Authoritative Text Of One Of The
World’s Great Adventure Stories. A Crew Of Whalers Sets Out In Pursuit Of A
Fierce White Whale That Cost Their Captain His Leg On A Previous Expedition.
Their Names Ring Through The Canon Of American Literature: Ishmael, The
Narrator; Queequeg, A South Seas Harpooner; Starbuck, The Sober And Serious
Chief Mate; And Above All Captain Ahab, Part Faust And Part Job, Leading His
Men To The Ends Of The Earth – And The Destiny He Will Share With His Foe.
Melville Was Heavily Influenced And Inspired By His Experiences As A Young
Cabin Boy On The Whaler Acushnet And Later In The U.s. Navy Sailing The
Atlantic And The South Seas. His Novel Typee And Its Sequel, Omoo, Are
Accounts Of His Capture And Subsequent Captivity At The Hands Of A Tribe Of
Cannibals In The South Pacific Marquesas Islands. Both Works Were Highly
Successful, And Thus The Lukewarm Reaction To Moby-dick Upon Its Release In
1851 Was A Blow To Melville, Who Had Set Out To Write A Mighty Book On A
Mighty Theme. It Was Not Until The 1920s That Moby-dick Began To Receive The
Critical Attention It Deserved. Today Moby-dick Is Recognized As One Of The
Premier American Epics And Indeed The Ultimate Tale Of Obsession And Revenge.
This Text Of Moby-dick Is An Approved Text Of The Center For Scholarly
Editions (modern Language Association Of America).–jacket. Loomings — The
Carpet Bag — The Spouter-inn — The Counterpane — Breakfast — The
Street — The Chapel — The Pulpit — The Sermon — A Bosom Friend —
Nightgown — Biographical — Wheelbarrow — Nantucket — Chowder — The
Ship — The Ramadan — His Mark — The Prophet — All Astir — Going
Aboard — Merry Christmas — The Lee Shore — The Advocate — Postscript
— Knights And Squires — Knights And Squires — Ahab — Enter Ahab; To
Him, Stubb — The Pipe — Queen Mab — Cetology — The Specksynder —
The Cabin Table — The Mast-head — The Quarter-deck — Ahab And All —
Sunset Dusk — First Night-watch — Forecastle—midnight — Moby Dick —
The Whiteness Of The Whale — Hark! — The Chart — The Affidavit —
Surmises — The Mat-maker — The First Lowering — The Hyena — Ahab’s
Boat And Crew—fedallah — The Spirit-spout — The Pequod Meets The
Albatross — The Gam — The Town Ho’s Story —^ Monstrous Pictures Of
Whales — Less Erroneous Pictures Of Whales — Of Whales In Paint, In
Teeth, &c. — Brit — Squid — The Line — Stubb Kills A Whale —
The Dart — The Crotch — Stubb’s Supper — The Whale As A Dish — The
Shark Massacre — Cutting In — The Blanket — The Funeral — The Sphynx
— The Pequod Meets The Jeroboam — Her Story — The Monkey-rope — Stubb
& Flask Kill A Right Whale — The Sperm Whale’s Head — The Right
Whale’s Head — The Battering-ram — The Great Heidelburgh Tun — Cistern
And Buckets — The Prairie — The Nut — The Pequod Meets The Virgin —
The Honor And Glory Of Whaling — Jonah Historically Regarded —
Pitchpoling — The Fountain — The Tail — The Grand Armada — Schools
& Schoolmasters — Fast Fish And Loose Fish — Heads Or Tails — The
Pequod Meets The Rose Bud — Ambergris — The Castaway — A Squeeze Of The
Hand — The Cassock — The Try-works — The Lamp — Stowing Down &
Clearing Up —^ The Doubloon — The Pequod Meets The Samuel Enderby Of
London — The Decanter — A Bower In The Arsacides — Measurement Of The
Whale’s Skeleton — The Fossil Whale — Does The Whale Diminish? — Ahab’s
Leg — The Carpenter — The Deck — Ahab And The Carpenter — The Cabin —
Ahab And Starbuck — Queequeg In His Coffin — The Pacific — The
Blacksmith — The Forge — The Gilder — The Pequod Meets The Bachelor —
The Dying Whale — The Whale-watch — The Quadrant — The Candles — The
Deck — Midnight, On The Forecastle — Midnight, Aloft — The Musket —
The Needle — The Log And Line — The Life-buoy — Ahab And The Carpenter
— The Pequod Meets The Rachel — The Cabin — Ahab And Pip — The Hat —
The Pequod Meets The Delight — The Symphony — The Chase — First Day —
The Chase — Second Day — The Chase -third Day. Herman Melville ; Introduction
By Andrew Delbanco ; Notes And Explanatory Commentary By Tom Quirk. Includes
Bibliographical References (p. [635]-650).

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