Mediterranean Cookbook by Patrick Smith

The Mediterranean Diet – One
of The Healthiest Diets in The World
Dear friend,

The Mediterranean lifestyle is a healthy way of eating and one of the
finest diets in the world. It uses ingredients and seafood from the countries
surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Italy, France, and

In volume 2 of the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook series, you will find
versatile recipes of high nutritional value and great taste. They promote low
blood pressure, low cholesterol levels and weight loss, as well as keeping a
healthy weight.
Mediterranean Recipes – Each a Secret to Healthy Living
Here is a brief overview of what’s inside:
Overview of the Mediterranean diet
12 Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes
12 Mediterranean diet lunch recipes
12 Mediterranean diet side dish recipes
12 Mediterranean diet dinner recipes
12 Mediterranean diet snack recipes
Answers to frequently asked questions
Lists of ingredients for the Mediterranean diet
A lot more!
As a health and nutrition coach from the Mediterranean, I have a vast
archive of healthy recipes, ingredients and their properties that I use
myself. In this book, I have collected some of the finest Mediterranean
recipes at my disposal.

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