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McGraw: The Incredible Untold Story of Tam the Licensee McGraw by Reg McKay

McGraw: The Incredible Untold Story of Tam the Licensee McGraw by Reg McKay

Tam McGraw was one of the most feared gangsters in Glasgow. Before his death from natural causes in July 2007, he had built up a huge crime empire which stretched from Glasgow to the Canaries. Before he died, few would talk openly about The Licensee. But now his incredible, untold story can finally be revealed.McGraw was a ruthlessly efficient gangster who built a crime empire based on fear and cunning, violence and drugs. They called him The Licensee – but not because of the pub he owned. Street players knew what it meant – Licensed to Commit Crime. Through their eyes, Reg McKay now tells the real story of Tam McGraw.Real stories about the time he cheated The Godfather, risking his life to end a dynasty. How McGraw was behind the UK’s biggest coke heist and who paid the price. Who killed the six Doyles. Why the BarL Team was never caught even with MI5 on their case. Armed jail breakouts – who arranged them, who grassed them. Hit contracts, backstabbings, trading guns and bodies sacrificed. New tales and true tales of greed and betrayal. Vendettas and scores to settle with everyone from The Godfather, The Devil, M Family, Specky and Paul Ferris. McGraw did all that and much more yet was never caught. Why? He was The Licensee. Licensed to Commit Crime.
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