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Love In The Time Of Britpop by Tim Woods

England, 1990s. Cool Britannia takes over the world and Britpop leads the charge. 

The easiest thing for Chris would be to submerge himself in the music, but with girls like Lou around, it’s not that simple. And she’s not the only one distracting him from his beloved bands …

When he most needs help, will compulsive climber Rob, or Mike, a PhD student who’s OCD on coffee, show him the way? Maybe Cecilia, or the unforgettable Chemical Joe with his in-depth knowledge of gangster films, can come up with the answers? 

Caught between bad advice, an overwhelming desire for sex and an opportunity to see Blur, the one big Britpop band he’s missed, Chris has life-changing decisions to make.

As the 90s come to a close, is this finally the time to go it alone?

Love In The Time Of Britpop is an unromantic comedy about great loves, incredible music and awkward sex, all set to the finest soundtrack the UK has ever produced.

You can listen to the first chapter here: https://soundcloud.com/rbanigeradio/love-in-the-time-of-britpop

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