Hardacre by C.L. Skelton

The sweeping rags to riches story of the Hardacre family follows generations of the Hardacres from Victorian times to the 1950s.

The international bestseller – No.1 in the Kindle Family Saga chart in the UK, USA and Australia.

Sam Hardacre makes a tough yet honest living as a fish gutter. But he has ambitions for a life far removed from the harsh existence on the quays of the north English coast. Through drive and determination he builds a business empire and amasses a fortune. His wife, Mary, once a poor street urchin, must learn to adapt to her new role as mistress of a grand house in Yorkshire.

Sam’s sons, Joe and Harry, inherit some but not all of their father’s qualities. Their opposing personalities lead them to make very different choices about their futures. Meanwhile, their younger sister, Jane, is born into a life of privilege and has no experience of her family’s early struggles.

The three siblings and their offspring will know love, hate, passion and tragedy, as they live through the dramatic events of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The lives of the Hardacres are shaped by the extraordinary events of the Boer War, the Great War, the Wall Street Crash, the Second World War, Hitler’s Germany and the London Blitz.

Praise for the bestselling Hardacre:

‘History comes alive … innocents, rascals and middling humans – an authentic bunch to set against tempestuous times.’ Publishers Weekly

‘This skillfully written, always entertaining family saga … rich in plot, pace and character … polished storytelling.’ Newsagent and Bookshop

‘The best family saga since Penmarric.’ Manchester Evening News

For fans of rich and dramatic family sagas from the Forsyte Saga to Downton Abbey.

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