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Happiness by Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life by Paul Dolan

Dolan, purpose and pleasure are both basic constituents of happiness. This is
a bold and original move … Among the imperfect definitions of happiness,
the pleasure-purpose concept that Dolan offers is, I believe, a strong
contender. It is a good description of what I wish for my grandchildren: a
life that is rich in activities that are both pleasurable and

Paul Dolan is an inveterate optimist who has overcome many obstacles on his
way to becoming an internationally recognized expert on well-being. The
optimism shows on every page of this book. In particular, Paul is optimistic
about you, his reader. He believes that you can make your life both
pleasurable and meaningful with deliberate choices, about the environment you
create for yourself and about the aspects of life that deserve your
attention. He offers a great deal of sound advice on how to make these
choices and how to follow through with them

— Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate
It tells us what matters to us. Few books change one’s life; in 48 hours
this has improved mine . . . Anyone who wonders if they are living their
lives as fully as they might will find ideas worth thinking about in this
engaging, persuasive book — Jenni Russell * Sunday Times *
Dolan is especially illuminating when it comes to bigger life-choices . . .
Dolan makes a persuasive case that happiness might really be simple. His book
is a powerful reminder not to get caught up in overthinking things, but to
focus instead on maximising what actually delivers joy . . . and most of us
would benefit from listening to him — Oliver Burkeman * Guardian *
[Dolan’s] discoveries at once confound your expectations and provide an
appreciable way of acting on that knowledge . . . full of facts that make you
go: “Huh.” — Richard Godwin * Evening Standard *
Dolan’s book is aimed at the lay reader who wants to be more cheerful
without recourse to airy-fairy notions of spirituality or philosophy — Rowan
Pelling * Telegraph *
Outstanding, cutting-edge, and profound. If you’re going to read one book
on happiness, this is the one — Nassim Nicholas Taleb, bestselling author of
The Black Swan and Antifragile
Happiness by Design is the best kind of psychology book: the ideas are
fascinating, understanding them will make your life happier and more
meaningful, and Dolan expresses them beautifully. Whether you’re a novice or
a voracious consumer of happiness research, Happiness by Design hits all the
right notes — Adam Alter, bestselling author of Drunk Tank Pink
Dolan gives a comprehensive overview of the science of happiness and useful
tips to achieve it. In his quest to explain what makes us happy, Dolan
touches on a powerful idea: happiness need not be pursued, simply
rediscovered. In other words, sources of pleasure and purpose are all around
us, if only one knows where to look * Scientific American *
Dolan wants…to make us think about life in terms of a balance of pleasure
and purpose. Some of us are ‘pleasure machines’, seeking out short-term
gratification without paying close enough attention to our lifelong goals;
some of us are ‘purpose engines’, so determined to get to the destination
that we miss the view along the way. Whichever we are, we need to find a bit
more of the other. — Archie Bland * The Independent *

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