Goodnight Sweetheart by Annie Groves

Goodnight Sweetheart by Annie Groves

A captivating saga from the author of “Hettie of Hope Street” set on the eve of WW2 in Liverpool where life is about to change for ever for its inhabitants. As war breaks out so too does Molly Dearden! Molly is used to living in the shadow of her older sister, June. When their mother died when she was just seven years old, June helped their grief-stricken father look after Molly in their tiny home in the tight-knit Edge Hill district of Liverpool. Loving and kind, June is also bossy and forthright – no match for the shy, sweet Molly. But as her sixteenth birthday passes, Molly doesn’t realise how much she is going to have to grow up. As the threat of a second world war grows greater, she must learn to protect herself, her family – and her heart. When hostilities finally break out, Molly finds the courage to leave her factory job and enlist in the Women’s Voluntary Services. There, she can help the war effort and stand on her own two feet for the first time. It’s a terrifying, unpredictable time – but also some of the best days of her life, especially when she meets, and falls for, Eddie. Snatched hours when Eddie’s on leave from his Navy duties is all they can hope for. But then tragedy strikes and all precious time is cruelly taken away from them. Just when Molly thinks she can take no more, the terrible reality of war hits her home town – with terrifying repercussions.
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