Deadly Deception by Margaret Thomson Davis

A Deadly Deception by Margaret Thomson Davis

Set in a Glasgow high-rise, A Deadly Deception centres on Mabel Smith who lives alone in one of the flats. Her late parents had used Mabel as a slave and ruined her life. Mabel is now getting older and arthritis is limiting her mobility. She becomes increasingly bitter and lonely. Then, one day, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room flicking through a magazine, Mabel notices adverts for phone-sex. Although shocked at the prospect she sees an opportunity for making money where her appearance and infirmity needn’t hold her back…A thirty-nine-year-old man called John begins phoning her. He knows her as Angela, a character Mabel has based on a beautiful blonde girl she has seen in the building. John becomes more and more desperate to meet Angela but she keeps putting him off. Eventually he resolves to find her and punish her for tormenting him. After following various clues, he finds the high-rise complex and begins watching it. Finally, he spots a beautiful blonde girl who exactly fits the description he has of Angela but she is clinging to a young man. Feeling jealous and betrayed, John’s thoughts become murderous and he plans deadly revenge. A Deadly Deception is a riveting read, a real page-turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.
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