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Accidental Proposal by Matt Dunn

Ed Middleton is ecstatic: he’s just got
engaged to his girlfriend, Sam, and he couldn’t be happier. At least,
hethinkshe’s engaged. The thing is, it was Sam who did the proposing, and the
more he thinks about it, the less he’s sure that she was actually asking him
to marry her. She could have just been asking the question, you
know…hypothetically. As the wedding day draws nearer, Ed becomes more and
more uneasy. Sam keeps disappearing off for furtive meetings and private
phone calls, and when he spies her going into a pub with a man he’s never
seen before, all his old jealousies and insecurities threaten to re-surface.
It’s the perfect time for Ed’s unhinged ex-girlfriend, Jane, to show up on
his doorstep. Meanwhile, Dan – Ed’s best-friend and soon-to-be-best-man – is
determined to throw him a stag night to remember. And when a severely
hung-over Ed wakes up the morning after the night before to see a second dent
in the pillow, it seems as if Dan has got his wish. Will Ed manage to find
out the truth about his stag night as well as the identity of Sam’s secret
man? Or will an accidental proposal lead them both down the aisle to a
wedding neither of them ever imagined?

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