A Sudden Change of Heart by Barbara Taylor Bradford

A Sudden Change of Heart by
Barbara Taylor Bradford
In the blockbuster storytelling tradition that is Barbara Taylor Bradford’s
hallmark, here is an extraordinary novel about a remarkable young woman and
the people whose lives she touches.

At thirty-one Laura Valiant is a successful art historian who runs her own
art advisory and acquisitions company. She and her husband Douglas Casson, a
Wall Street lawyer, have a happy marriage marred only by the fact that they
are still childless. But Laura’s life changes radically in 1997, when her
best friend from childhood, Claire Benson, tells her she is dying. Claire,
who is divorced, begs Laura to become her daughter Natasha’s guardian upon
her death. Laura agrees and brings the fifteen-year-old girl to live with
them in New York City after Claire dies. It is then that Laura’s troubles
begin – with Natasha, with the girl’s father and grandmother, who suddenly
reappear in her life, and with Douglas. Laura’s love and trust in her husband
are shaken when she discovers he has a secret life apart from her. But it is
her problems which force her to examine her own life, and this sets her on a
path that inevitably leads her to a series of shattering truths. These
revelations give Laura the chance to start a whole new life which promises to
give her the happiness and fulfilment she craves.

From the streets of Paris and London to the art galleries and art auctions
of New York, A Sudden Change of Heart takes the reader on an unforgettable
journey where secrets, survival, love and redemption mesmerize the reader
from the first page to the last. This is Barbara Taylor Bradford’s fifteenth
novel and it is told with the emotion and feeling readers have come to expect
from one of the world’s most beloved authors.

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