A Scattering of Daisies & The Daffodils Of Newent by Susan Sallis

A Scattering of Daisies & The Daffodils of Newent by Susan Sallis – Two books in one:

A Scattering of Daisies

Beginning the wonderful, heart warming story of the Rising family. Will Rising had dragged himself from humble beginnings to his own small tailoring business in Gloucester – and on the way he’d fallen violently in love with Florence, refined, delicate, and wanting something better for her children. March was the eldest girl, the least loved, the plain, unattractive one who, as the family grew, became more and more the household drudge. But March, a strange, intelligent, unhappy child, had inherited some of her mother’s dreams. March Rising was determined to break out of the round of poverty and hard work, to find wealth, and love, and happiness.

The Daffodils of Newent

hey were called the Daffodil Girls, spirited and bright, enduring, loving and dancing their way through the gay and desperate twenties. April, who married the tortured and sexually suspect David Daker, convinced she could blot out his memories of the trenches. May, pregnant by her handsome music-hall star husband, who refused to settle down and become a family man. March, loved and betrayed by the man who had fathered her child, and who still wanted her, in spite of everything.

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