A little bookshop with a big heart

Seagull Trust Cruises Bookshop

We have an incredible collection of used books that include both fiction and non-fiction. If you are looking for a new author to read or something out of the ordinary we are worth the visit. We are also planning to expand our collection into specific subject fields in the future.

Seagull Trust Cruises Bookshop has created an online store and in the coming months will begin to upload a partial listing of our books for purchase along with other items that we sell so that you can continue to suport our charity. The store is operational and functional and there are some books now listed. We regularly post books for sale on our Facebook page too.

We have a vision for our bookshop. When we say goodbye to covid we are aiming for a comfortable space where you can come in and linger. Take a seat, read a book. We are opposite Costa Coffee and The Allotment Cafe where you could grab a coffee. Our volunteers are great and love a bit of banter with our customers.

We can see a our space hosting a book club for adults and a children’s storytime event. We would like our customers to nominate their favourite book for a blind date or give a book review? All these ideas are in the process and waiting for a time when they are allowed.

Opened in September 2020 as a small bookshop by Seagull Trust Cruises Charity in the heart of Falkirk Town Centre.

2020 Was a challenging year for everyone, we have not been able to do much sailing with our wonderful passengers. However, there have been some positives as well. Having been offered the space within the Howgate Shopping Centre, with not a book to our name, we set about collecting donations.

John and the other volunteers set about collecting books from our donors and with the great Falkirk generosity we managed to gather enough books to open our doors. It really has been a geat adventure for all of us and a much needed source of income for the Seagull Trust Cruises Charity.

We’ve evolved from a small bookshop to a bigger community and we’ve gone digital.

Coronavirus has had a large impact on how we may or may not live our lives. With our doors closed for lockdown the only way we could continue to provide a service to the community is online. Rising to the challenge again we set about designing our website, photographing and uploading our book stocks online.

Our volunteers, working from home, have been indexing and becoming computer geniuses all at the same time! Click and Collect – who would have thought a little bookstore, newly opened, would prove to be such a vital lifeline to so many people during lockdown.

We’ve evolved from a small bookshop to a bigger community and we’ve gone digital.

There is a chance to have a cup of coffee or tea, or during the summer, a glass of lemonade or ice tea and a kolache, an English dessert roll that is common here in New York. We also have other snacks.

In addition, we host a series of programs called A Conversation With in which we host speakers with a wide range of interests and expertise. They take the form of lectures, readings, musical events and gatherings for social occasions. We also feature the work of regional artists in the store on a regular basis.


Publishing houses we collaborate with.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you would like to join our dedicated team of volunteers please get in touch. We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for volunteering within the charity volunteering sector. We work critically—and with curiosity, integrity and camaraderie.